Saturday, April 12, 2014

Twitter is changing

I like Twitter because it's simple. It's open to the whole world, but somehow it also feels private to me, because you don't know who is actually seeing your Tweet. It evolved from a "now i'm eating/sleeping/fishing" platform into something so much bigger. It's the fastest way to spread news. I use it to stay up-to-date with news I care about, share cool things I found on the web, or just to give my quick opinion about something.

But Twitter has a problem: people are not spending enough time on the site or in the apps. That's because the timeline is chronological and not arranged by popularity like Facebook's newsfeed. When I come home after a day of school, I'm not scrolling 6 hours back, so that means I miss 'important' Tweets. I follow more than 700 people and I don't really use the timeline anymore, because Twitter has great tools to keep everything in control. I use lists to sort all the accounts, for example 'VIP's', 'Tech', 'Football' and a lot more. And in case of really special persons or accounts, I turned on mobile notifications. These are features that are so useful, especially when you follow a lot of people, but I think Twitter isn't promoting them enough.

Instead, they want people to spend more time on Twitter by heavily changing And although I don't know the numbers, I'm sure lots of people use Twitter on their phones only. The new profile pages they recently introduced show Tweets in a really weird way, in different sizes (way too big). Twitter wants them to "show who you are". I'm sorry, but you can't find out who I am, only looking at a bunch of 140-character-messages. Everyone uses Twitter their own way, but I'm wondering if Twitter actually knows what it want the social network to be. What I think is great about Twitter is that you can communicate with people without visiting their profile page, or without knowing them.Twitter is all about what's happening right now. That's why search is a great feature as well, perhaps the best.

I don't want Twitter to become Facebook. I know it isn't Facebook by far, but I am concerned because I love Twitter for what it is. The worst thing Twitter could do is showing whether someone is online or not and I'm afraid they're currently planning to announce it...