Friday, December 11, 2015

Report: "The Pixel C was probably never supposed to run Android"

According to a great report by Ron Amadeo from Ars Technica, Google's recently launched Pixel C tablet was never supposed to run Android, at least not from the start.

It was supposed to run a touch-friendly version of Chrome OS, called "Project Athena" at the time. But that was eventually canceled. Next, there were signs that the device would run both Android and Chrome OS, but that also didn't happen. Apparently Google wanted the device to be released anyway and it was announced as an Android tablet with a keyboard at the event in September.

This clearly explains why the hardware and software do not feel in sync, as is stated by most reviews. A few people who worked on the tablet said in a Reddit AMA that Android N would bring improvements to productivity, possibly multi window support.

So, a lot has been going on internally at the Chrome OS/Android side of Google. There are recent reports of a Chrome OS/Android merger, which was denied by Google. My guess is that they have been and will be figuring out what the future of Chrome OS and Android will be and it's good that they're experimenting and not afraid to cancel a project, although maybe they should have completely canceled the Pixel C, or at least delay it until the software was ready.

I'm still interested in a Chrome OS/Android hybrid, especially because the way Chrome OS receives updates is just great (comparable to the Chrome browser). Let's see what the new year brings.