Friday, September 11, 2015

Apps are the future of TV, but do they have to be on the TV?

Apple is not the first company to see apps as the future of TV (although they might think they are), but the question is if the apps have to be on your TV.

I was excited about smart TVs, but I realized that it (Apple TV, Android TV) does a lot of things my Chromecast can do as well, for a considerably lower price. With Chromecast, the interface is on your phone or tablet. Why does it have to be on the screen? The only thing I need on the big screen is the content itself, after I pressed play. Sure, I cannot play games on my Chromecast, but that’s what “real” gaming consoles are for.

I never used a smart TV (except for a shitty Samsung a few years ago), so I don’t know how well the navigation works, but I do know that the apps and touchscreen on my phone and tablet work great.