Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Instagram, don’t become uncool

Dear Instagram

When Facebook bought you in 2012 for about 1 billion dollars I hoped they would leave you alone. Oh and they did, literally. You didn’t change that much over the past two years. You didn’t grow up, but the rest of the (mobile) world did.

I wonder what it’s like for the people who make you. With so few new features being added, what are all these people working on? Sure, you got that private photo thingy, but really, if that’s all your creators can think of, it’s pretty unexciting. A few new filters now and then (5 new “modern” filters were added a few days ago, the first new filters since 2012), but yourcompetitors outgrew you when it comes to editing pictures. Your camera tools aren’t great, but importing pictures actually isn’t an option because of your weird square shape.

And why, if it is your purpose to make pictures look better, are the algorithms you use on Android still terrible? I know your creators can do better, because your little brother, Hyperlapse has really cool technology.

You were very young and immature when Facebook bought you, but now it feels like you’re getting old without ever having the chance to live your life. What if your parents, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom didn’t sell you? Look at your sibling, Snapchat. It got a feature called Stories, that really evolved the platform. Would a small team of young ambitious people have benefited you? Would you have known that there are tablets now which have a lot more screen space? You too don’t like that I have to use third-party apps to get a better experience, right?

Please, Instagram, don’t become uncool. save yourself. I know you can. There are smart people around you, just gather around a huge Christmas tree and make plans for the new year. I will give you a new chance.

Your friend,