Wednesday, October 22, 2014

RETRY is a hard game that isn't as frustrating as that other one

It's always interesting to see something new from a company that's mainly built around one brand. Rovio made a lot of games, but most of them were Angry Birds related. I don't know if the formula doesn't work anymore, but the hype from the beginning is gone. It must hurt them to see that one guy conquered the world with a game (about a bird), without a huge marketing budget.

To find the next thing, Rovio set up a team called LVL11 to experiment with new games. The first outcome called RETRY has been released and when you start playing it, you might think of - exactly - Flappy Bird.

As you can see in the trailer above, the name is justified. This game is hard. As the pilot of a stunt plane you try to reach your destination by tapping the screen. Of course there are obstacles in your way, but just flying the plane might need practice. At the end of the level you will be rewarded by stars. The better you fly, the more stars you will receive at  the end of a level (maximum 3).

Tapping the screen is not the only similarity between RETRY and Flappy Bird. Both games have an old-school 8-bit style.

During the level you will find retry points which you have to buy with coins you find in the levels. As you may expect, you can also buy these coins as an in-app purchase. This game is hard, but less frustrating than Flappy Bird thanks to these retry points and the fact that the game is split up in levels instead of a never ending world. There is much more variety in obstacles and worlds.

There isn't a strong aspect of challenging your friends to be better than you, but once you start playing it's hard to stop. You just have to retry.

RETRY is free and available for Android and iOS.